Initial Consultation

What happens during a consultation?

When you book your initial consultation with me you will be sent a food diary and questionnaire to complete. I will ask you to complete your food diary for 3 or 4 days including a weekend day, this will give me a general picture of what your diet is like and you can bring this with you to our consultation to discuss.

During the consultation I will ask questions about your health concerns, look at each body system that may be affected, your medical history, family history and any medications you may have been prescribed.

After our consultation a detailed plan will be sent to you and this will be designed specifically for you to fit in with your personal lifestyle. The plan may include diet recommendations and advice, recipes and also lifestyle suggestions.

Laboratory testing, NHS available tests or supplements may also be recommended.

Follow-up sessions take place after four to six weeks to discuss progress, make amendments to the plan where necessary and provide further recommendations.


Mini Phone Consultation (about 15 minutes)

We can have a chat to discuss your situation and see how I could help you.

Price: Free

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Initial Consultation (about 75 minutes)

This is a thorough consultation to get to know each other and also understand where you are at on your health journey and your goals.

You will receive a personalised plan including recommendations after the consultation.

Price: £135.00

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Follow-Up Consultations (about 30 minutes)

To assess how the plan is going on for you and make changes if necessary.

You will receive an updated plan after your follow up.

Price £55.00

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