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FAT 2 FIT is a revolutionary programme I've designed to help people reach their ideal weight and gain healthy fitness in 90 days.

Arranging a
nutrition plan

What are your top health and fitness goals?

Need more energy?

Need to release weight?

Need help to feel more confident?

Need help to control the blood sugar?

of the training

A healthy body along with a healhy mind.

Cardiovascular and aerobic conditioning

Strength and muscular development

Mental rest and relaxation



"That which gets measured gets improved"

Scales don’t tell the whole story: We take regular body measurements

You will know if you’re on the right path: We take regular clinical readings

range of
clinical tests

A vast range of clinical tests

Autoimmune Pernicious Anaemia (PA) Test;

Food Intolerance

Parasite Screen

Thyroid Autoantibody Test

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About me

Amanda Yitzhak

I work in a unique way combining Nutritional Counselling with Health Coaching to ensure that my clients not only know what steps they need to take (the Nutritional Counselling ) but how to put the steps in to practice in a way that works specifically for them. I am specialised in supporting adults and teenagers who suffer with distressing gastrointestinal conditions and help them with emotional eating, weight control, binge and eating disorders to help them restore a healthy relationship with food.

I work hard to provide the support, motivation and coaching my clients need in order for them to achieve their health goals and overcome the barriers that have held them back in the past.

My approach is not ‘one size fits all’. I tailor a targeted nutrition bespoken plan to suit my clients individual needs as well as encouraging and supporting them through the process. All my recommendations are based on scientific evidence and research, backed up by clinical experience.

Fat2Fit is a revolutionary programme I've designed to help people reach their ideal weight and gain healthy fitness in 90 days.
+44 (0) 7584 102100


Listen to what my clients say

  • I’ve noticed that my skin is so much calmer and I’m not using my steroid creams as much.Amanda helped me stay on track with specific challenges, which kept me on my toes.
    Maria Lúcia
  • Excellent professional nutritionist and personal training, super competent, super recommend, your work is wonderful, thank you for everything!
    M. Cristina
  • Amanda is fantastic! After I gave birth to my second kid I was struggling a bit to get back to my original weight. Amanda helped me to understand where I could do better and today I am back to my original weight and feeling healthier than ever before! I have no words to thank you enough, Amanda. I feel much more confident now! Thank you!
    J Ubiali

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